60% of Europe now engaging in European Biotech Week

At EuropaBio we realise how important it is to foster dialogue and information sharing in the scientifically complex and often misunderstood area of biotechnology. Our members are committed to developing tools and solutions for some of the world’s main challenges and we have a responsibility to share what we know and to facilitate an open discussion among all stakeholders to accompany these developments.

European Biotech Week was created three years ago with this specific objective in mind and offers all stakeholders including industry, academia, public and private institutions as well as individual citizens the opportunity to dialogue, raise awareness and debate about the science, the products and the benefits that biotechnology brings in areas as diverse as healthcare, agriculture, food, energy and industrial processing.

Year upon year, the participation in European Biotech Week has increased with a record 15 countries taking part in the 2015 edition. The 100+ initiatives organised this year by a myriad of biotech associations, universities, cultural and research centres, government institutions, schools, large and small biotech companies and science museums involved thousands of Europeans in a much needed effort to unravel the complexities of this revolutionary science and how it is harnessed for the benefit of society.

All these events were also covered live on social media, contributing to the success of the #biotechweek campaign which reached nearly 17.000 impressions and a 19% growth in followers over two weeks and inspired new organisations to get involved.

On behalf of EuropaBio and its members, I would like to thank and congratulate all those who worked hard to make European Biotech Week 2015 such a success. We look forward to working with you and many others next year for the 4th edition of European Biotech Week scheduled from 26 September to 2 October 2016, when we will also join forces with other countries around the world to turn it into a Global Biotech Week – stay tuned & stay involved!

Nathalie Moll

EuropaBio Secretary General