European Biotech Week 2020 – Celebrating research & innovation in crucial times

Brussels, 25 September 2020 – The 8th edition of the European Biotech Week is about to take place all across the continent, starting next week. From the 28th September to the 4th of October, Europe will celebrate the amazing science and benefits of biotech to date and take a look to the future.

It cannot be ignored that the novel virus, SARS-CoV-2, has not only turned our lives completely upside, but that the pandemic has affected the European Biotech Week also. Many schools, universities and other biotech enthusiasts are not able to share the biotech excitement with young science enthusiasts at first hand. However, many have found a way to meet and share amazing biotech in virtual settings!

Over 100 events take place, across 16 countries and all across the world wide web. For the first time, Greece will be represented in the European Biotech Week, proving the continuous growth and popularity of this pan-European initiative.

This year EuropaBio, hosts a multitude of online events. The topics range from the investment landscape for biotechnology in Europe, to the ability of our societies to tackle future pandemics. On Wednesday, 30 September, EuropaBio invites you to join this year’s flagship event, which sees to launch our Vision for a Life Science and Biotechnology Strategy for Europe.

We are looking forward to a week full of celebrations of amazing science & biotechnology, in a time we really need it.