Science Festival in Olon Biotech Center

Olon has renewed its commitment in favor of scientific publication, in particular towards the youngest, by participating in the Innovation and Science Festival in Settimo Torinese.
Every year the Festival involves citizen in initiatives that promote innovation and scientific knowledge and represents the reference cultural event in that area that hosts the plant, historical asset of our group. The Festival is promoted by the City of Settimo Torinese and ECM Foundation, with the support of Regione Piemote and the patronage of the MIUR and the City of Turin.

As a supporter and protagonist, Olon has opened its doors of the Biotechnology Center in Settimo Torinese to hosts the Festival inaugural event and let the community visit the site: an educational and engaging show to raise awareness among young people on the importance of biotech and science. The event, which was held on October 9, received significant involvement from the community, local institutions and the most important media in the area and it has represented a moment of great value to make known the importance of what we do.

Registration instructions: The link to register to and attend the event will be available two weeks before the event itself: .