Pharmaceutical Package – is it possible to reconcile innovation and availability of medicines in Poland?

Discussion on the impact of the EU Pharmaceutical Package on the healthcare sector in Poland, in particular:

Mechanisms to stimulate the innovation of the sector, in particular R&D works, in the context of financing innovations and protecting innovative products entering the market,
Stimulating medical investments in Poland and in the region, in particular in terms of strengthening the region’s drug safety and stimulating the growth of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors as important branches of the modern economy.
Exchange of views of representatives of various environments and stakeholders in the course of EU legislative work on the draft Pharmaceutical Package.

Obtaining information on the current status of legislative work and possible scenarios for the future as well as the probable calendar of further events.

Popularization of legal regulations concerning the pharmaceutical market and biotechnology.

Building the position of event partners as leading advisors in the industry.

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