Innovative Technologies in the EU Green Transition – Spotlight on Industrial Biotechnology

Industrial Biotechnology-derived products offer significant potential for contributing to overcoming many EU socio-economic and environmental challenges. It is not a new sector. On the contrary, for thousands of years the power of microbes has been harnessed in food production and beverages. In the past century, the applications for IB have expanded greatly with IB now providing living microorganisms and fermentation products that are used in sectors as diverse as food and feed, agriculture, detergents, paper and pulp, textiles, fuels, bioenergy, and specialty chemicals.

Research and innovation are key drivers to accelerate the green transition. Indeed, the EU Green Deal notes that “New technologies, sustainable solutions and disruptive innovation are critical to achieve the objectives of the European Green Deal”. In this context, a range of solutions will be needed. Alternatives to fossil-based products, improved resource efficiency of industrial processes, innovative food and feed are all targets where industrial biotechnology and bioeconomy innovation can deliver.

This webinar will discuss innovative solutions that can contribute towards the green transition, with a focus on industrial biotechnology. It will zoom in on products of IB and their benefits and challenges, also linking to the EU GMO regulatory framework and recent developments on new genomic techniques.


  • Marc Leclerc, Senior Regulatory Affairs Advisor, Novozymes
  • Rachel Melnick, Senior Scientific Program Manager, Agriculture & Food Systems Institute
  • Hans Genee, Co-Founder and CSO, Biosyntia
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