BioTopics 2022

Are you interested about Biotechnology, Sustainability, Green Chemistry or the Circular-Bioeconomy? Are you an innovation or sustainability manager looking for new green ideas for your company? Then BioTopics 2022 is for you!

The event organised by BGreen Technologies will bring together professionals, companies and universities to address the topics of Sustainability, Green Economy and Biotechnology.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get inspired by the final stages of the two Challenges sponsored by Biotecnologi italiani in the afternoon session!

The day is divided into two sessions: speeches will be given in a conference format during the morning, while the afternoon session will be entirely dedicated to the BGT Solutions presentation and Challenge finals!

Registration instructions: To register for the event, simply go to the following link, which takes you to the Eventbrite page dedicated to BioTopics 2022. The registration link can also be obtained on the event website.