Biotechnologies and correct lifestyles for the protection of the fragility of young people and the environment

The proposed event will be an updated edition of the one successfully carried out in Tuscania in 2019 with the same goal of promoting interest in the world of biotechnologies.

The main contents covered in this new event will concern: Epigenetics and Correct Lifestyles, Safety in Biotechnological Laboratories and Neuroscience for Safety. New Biotech Techniques and Agroecology compared for Sustainable Development,

It’s a rather ambitious communication goal to achieve using a simple and direct language in order to effectively involve mainly “non professional” audience. Innovative multimedia methodologies will be presented by researchers to instill prevention messages in a clear and appealing way (video, toolkit ed e-tools).
Furthermore, the experience carried out in collaboration with Higher Education Institutes has shown how the training methodologies become more effective when combined with a motivational boost, obtainable through the correct way of involving users: the so-called “gentle push”.

Consequently the path of the day is therefore programmed to be “in stages”: in fact experiential workshops will be held in order to capture the attention of all ages visitors, and to raise awareness mainly among students and their families, on the importance of adopting behaviors and corrected lifestyles by promoting awareness of one’s choices.

A specific presentation area will be therefore dedicated to Higher Education Institutes (Youth space), where will have the opportunity to present new ideas or their Biotech projects results.

Registration instructions: Registration video onsite.