Biotech workshop: How to benefit from visual data analytics in biotech

In Biotech we are dealing with data – whether it is classical fermentation profiles, diagnostic results from 96-well plates, or data from multi-stage production units. The challenge is: How do we biotechnologists extract knowledge and meaning from all those data? We need tools that are intuitive for the eyes of scientists and engineers, and that allows us to gain insights immediately!

This workshop provides insights into methods of Visual Data Analytics, Quality by Design, and Machine Learning for various types of applications from the field of Biotechnology. For a full learning experience, we combine an industry-relevant presentation with a Hands-on session, where we will guide you to your first results!


 Monday, 27th September– 11:00- 11:55 am (CET): Visual Data Analytics and Machine Learning–  12:00- 12:30 am (CET): Hands-on on Visual Data Analytics and Machine LearningRegistration Link
 Tuesday, 28th September–  11:00- 11:55 am (CET): Quality by Design and DoE–  12:00- 12:30 am (CET): Hands-on on Quality by Design + Data ChallengeRegistration Link
 Friday, 1st October–  11:00- 12:00 am (CET): Results of Data Challenge + Q&ARegistration Link