Biotech Atelier 2022

For a fifth consecutive year the annual European Biotech  conference Biotech Atelier is on a mission of triggering innovation and business cooperation in the fields of Biotechnology, Healthcare, Life Science, Pharma and IT by bringing together important stakeholders from those sectors. Last year the success of the event brought around 180+ speakers from 30+ countries and 1000+ attendees from across Europe and worldwide and we are aiming at even bigger numbers for 2022.

Our goal is to make connections, foster innovation, and open doors for cross-regional and cross-industry cooperation. In order to achieve this goal, we are hosting the annual conference, which will be supplemented by satellite events throughout the year. By doing so, we unite and focus international interests while also serving as the region’s primary networking platform.

Following the tradition the conference will be held for 3 consecutive days:


28th Sep – 30th Sept 2022, 

Virtual event /via Cisco WebEx/

  • DAY 1, 28th Sep 2022 /Wednesday/: 
  • Main topic: Current Trends of Medicine of Today
  • Sub-topic flows:
  • Innovations in the Healthcare Industry
  • New Perspectives in Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics
  • European Research and Science
  • Patient Access and Opportunities for ATMPs and Rare diseases
  • FemTech Leaders and the Gender Health Gap
  • DAY 2, 29th Sep 2022 /Thursday/: 
  • Main topic: Patients’ Empowerment and Health Outcomes
  • Sub-topic flows: 
  • Patient Advocacy – United around a Common Mission
  • Patient Advocacy in Big Pharma and Health Industry
  • The Role of the Patient in Health Institutions
  • European Projects Dedicated to Patient Centricity
  • Patient Testimony
  • Health Disinformation and Literacy
  • Expert Workshop – Health and Digital Literacy
  • DAY 3, 30st Sept 2022 /Friday/:
  • Digital Therapeutics & Digital Health – The next chapter of Personalized Medicine
  • Sub-topic flows:
    • Letters from the Leaders
    • Current and Emerging Areas in DTx
    • DTx apps
    • Hitchhiker’s guide to Digital Therapeutics (DTx)

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