BIOMEET 2022 will be held on September 19 and 20 at Templo da Poesia in Oeiras, organized by P-BIO with the support of Oeiras Valley – Oeiras Municipality. The event aims to promote interaction, knowledge and strategy sharing at the level of the Biotechnology and Bioindustry sector in Portugal.


BIOMEET 2022 will start on September 19 in the morning with the session “Getting the Innovation we need – rethinking the social contract between biotechnology and society in Portugal”, which will include the intervention of Simone Azevedo (former Vice-President of Genzyme and Bioveravit) as keynote speaker with the theme “Reflections on the social impact of biotechnology: Lessons learned with Henri Termeer”, the round table “The commitment of the Portuguese biotech sector for innovation, health and growth” and the launch of the Portuguese version of the Biotech Social Pact – Pacto Social da Biotecnologia, with the intervention of three of the CEOs who were at the origin of this initiative at global level and the presence of some of the subscribers of the national version. The Minister of Economy and Sea, António Costa Silva, will close the session. It will have the Expresso newspaper as a media partner, with streaming transmission through social media.


The afternoon session will be dedicated to Bioinvestment. It will feature the intervention of two Portuguese CEOs of biotechnology start-ups that have achieved successful exits, followed by a pitch session to present projects / national biotech start-ups to raise investment.


September 20 will include the session “From R&D to market: the role of clusters in Biotechnology” to present examples and discuss the policies that may have a greater impact on the promotion of regional clusters, with a view to developing new business and economic growth, regional and national, in Biotechnology.

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