AI for Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

The AI for Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology 2022 conference will provide insight into the latest trends in the use of AI/ML applications within the Healthcare and Life Sciences fields. In a multi-stakeholder setting, the event stimulates debate on the impact of AI technologies on the sustainability of pharma and biotech systems. Beyond a comprehensive outlook of market access policies, our speakers will outline recent critical advances in AI technology and their impact on drug discovery, therapeutic practices, and gene pathway analysis. Attending this conference will give you a comprehensive outlook on the key issues surrounding the latest AI technologies in pharma and biotech. This event will provide an essential platform for stakeholders to discuss and share best practices in furthering technology development.

  • 11:00 АМ (EST) – Joshua Broyde, Senior AI/ML Solutions Architect within the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry business unit at Amazon Web Services
  • 11:45 АМ (EST) – Andrew Satz, Co-Founder at EVQLV, Applied Artificial Intelligence researcher
  • 12:15 РМ (EST) – Oleksandr Gurbych, Founder, CEO at, University Lecturer, Ph.D
  • 12:45 АМ (EST) – Dmytro Krasnienkov, Head of the laboratory of epigenetics – D.F. Chebotarev Institute of Gerontology of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Ph.D. in Genetics,

The conference topics include but are not limited to the following: Accelerating Machine Learning in Life Sciences on AWS Latest trends in gene pathway analysis Usage of AI/ML to invent therapeutic antibodies Trends in AI application in early clinical development and drug discovery.

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