2016 European & Global Biotech Week in a nutshell

It’s on a nostalgic and excited tone that I would like to congratulate and thank you for making the 4th edition of the European Biotech Week a great success. Not only did it grow into a global story this year, but it also set a new record with 16 European countries involved!

As years go by, more and more biotech supporters join forces to explain and debate the world of biotechnology. Going hand in hand is essential to make our voice heard and I thereby encourage you to already pencil the dates of the next edition in your calendar: 25 Sept – 1 Oct 2017.

The below materials sum up this year’s edition and give you a broader picture of the enthusiasm triggered last week:

  • Storify of the 1000+ tweets posted with the hashtags #biotechweek #gbw2016

A magazine shedding light on the various activities that took place this year will be published mid-November. Stay tuned!

Finally, I can’t wrap up this year’s Biotech Week without thanking the official supporters that helped us spread the news:

  • European Biotechnology Magazine is a unique source of information about biotechnology and biopharma in Europe’s science and industry sectors. Collaborating with more than 20 national and multinational organisations, a team of highly experienced journalists compiles all the relevant developments into highly readable news reports. The highly promising news environment of this journal constitutes timely news from science and industry, background reports on new EU legislation, current debates and financing initiatives from Brussels, as well as market analyses and previews on upcoming technology trends.
  • The Parliamant Magazine is an active and engaging forum for discussion on the latest developments in EU politics and policy, featuring regular contributions from prominent European policymakers and our experienced editorial team.
  • FierceBiotech is the biotech industry’s daily monitor, an email newsletter and web resource providing the latest biotech news, articles, and resources related to clinical trials, drug discovery, FDA approval, FDA regulation, patent news, pharma news, biotech company news and more. More than 160,000 top biotech professionals rely on FierceBiotech for an insider briefing on the day’s top stories.
  • Labiotech.eu is the leading digital media covering the European Biotech industry. It is used by over 45,000 people monthly to keep a watch on the business and innovations of biotechnologies.
  • The European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB) is Europe’s non-profit federation of National Biotechnology Associations, Learned Societies, Universities, Scientific Institutes, Biotech Companies and individual biotechnologists working to promote biotechnology throughout Europe and beyond. As the independent “Voice of Biotechnology in Europe”, EFB promotes the safe, sustainable and beneficial use of fundamental research and innovation in life sciences, while providing a forum for interdisciplinary and international cooperation. The European Congress on Biotechnology (ECB) is EFB’s flagship biennial event for academic and industrial biotechnologists in Europe. The next ECB (ECB2018), will be held in Geneva (Switzerland) from 1−4 July 2018.
  • LSIPR is the leading publication dedicated to intellectual property in the life sciences, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. With magazines targeted at key industry events, daily online news updates, and weekly and monthly digital reports, it is the most comprehensive news and comment service for life sciences professionals across the globe.
  • Global Biotech Revolution (GBR) is a not-for-profit that connects biotech think-tanks, industrial leaders and research pioneers to young bio-leaders of tomorrow. GBR is solely led by young passionate and engaged researchers, students and professionals from across the world. We engage key stakeholders through physical and online platforms that initiate and build future global conversations and collaborations.
  • The Young European Biotech Network (YEBN) was founded as a non-profit organisation in 2002 in Italy by young researchers and student organisations active in several European countries, and it now connects more than 3,000 members in 14 European countries. The purpose of YEBN is to promote Biotechnology and Life Sciences across Europe and support young life scientists by acting as a huge platform for information sharing and international collaborations.
  • [LSE] Life-Sciences-Europe.com is your doorway to the life sciences in Europe and Israel! [LSE] covers all kinds of information – from persons to products. [LSE] includes universities and research organisations, industrial companies and associations as well as governmental bodies. Software companies, public relations companies, advisors and financial companies active in European markets are also covered, the same goes for regulatory and other governmental institutions.
  • [iito] Business Intelligence is a German business information services provider, focused on the European life sciences and the world-wide mass spectrometry industry. The “gene-sensor” offering includes a customised version, that includes the tracking of organisations (e.g., partners, key accounts, competitors) as well as product groups or regions.

A big BIG thank you again and don’t forget that #biotechrocks!


Best wishes,