Getting ready for the European Biotech Week 2019

Between 23 – 29th of September, Europe will host the seventh edition of the European Biotech Week, with more than 130 events taking place in over 17 countries.

This annual celebration of biotech stems from the passion of those involved in the field to discuss and share knowledge about the incredible potential offered by the application of biotechnology. The initiative is also part of the Global Biotech Week, a success story celebrated across continents and around the world.

European Biotech Week 2018 was a resounding success and this year’s celebrations are looking even more exciting with two more countries, Malta and Latvia, participating for the first time!

In order to raise awareness on the benefits of biotechnology and to foster a dialogue on such issues, EuropaBio has planned different events for a broad public, ranging from students and biotech enthusiasts to members of the European Institutions.

“Biotech is about learning from nature and living systems, and finding ways to develop new products and processes that provide more benefits for both people and planet ” commented Joanna Dupont-Inglis, Secretary General of EuropaBio.

We invite you to see what is going on near you on and we thank all of our great event organisers who have contributed to this year’s amazing programme.

You still haven’t registered your event? It’s not too late to get involved! You can submit your event using the online form.