Koppert Biological Systems

Over the last 50 years Koppert Biological Systems provided the world’s farmers with natural solutions to their challenges. From beneficial insects to bumblebees; from nematodes to microbes; from larger scale biofertilization tiny DNA self inhibitory effects. All as sound in nature and “Natural” because we are Partners with Nature.

During the European Biotech Week we’d like to showcase “our” BioTech to the informed public (maximum 45pax).

Morning: (Traditional Agricultural solutions)
Beneficial insects
Microbial solutions
Lunch Break 
Afternoon: (Pharmaceuticals & Agricultural Biotech)
DNA self-inhibition
Livestock solutions
Food and feed solutions

More information will follow soon

Event host: Koppert Biological Systems
Event venue: Rue Vautier 48, 1050 Ixelles Brussels (May change)
Relevant website or webpage: www.koppert.com ; www.andbiopharma.com