The economic power of biotechnology for Europe

The world is at a key point of industrial and societal transition, driven by advancing technology and the need for competitive, resilient and sustainable economies.

Biotechnology is at the heart of this transition across all sectors and it is playing a significant role in shaping Europe’s future.

European Biotech Week kick starts with a look at how biotechnology performs in the European Union’s economy.

Professor Dennis Ostwald, founder and CEO of the WifOR Institute presents the 2023 edition of EuropaBio’s ‘Measuring the economic footprint of the biotechnology industry in Europe’. Professor Ostwald showcases how biotechnology contributes across healthcare and industrial sectors in the light of Europe’s response to Covid, global supply chains stressed further by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and at a time when Europe also has ambitious climate change goals.

Join EuropaBio to understand how biotechnology is increasing its role with Europe’s economy and discuss with Members what this means for sectors, countries and citizens.

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