The UNIMI Foundation is the tech transfer and innovation hub of the University of Milan (UNIMI). Starting at 3 PM, a presentation of innovation activities will kick off the event, in the auditorium. This will be followed by a presentation of four relevant health biotechnology laboratories. Afterwards, an interactive, on-site tour of the four health biotechnology laboratories will begin:
BIOMATERIALS – This research group of the University of Milan (UNIMI) deals with the design, synthesis and characterization of mainly polymeric materials for applications in biotechnological and biomedical fields. The main research activities concern the development of thermo-responsive polymers for applications in dentistry and cosmetics, lipid-based microparticles for controlled release of biomolecules, gels for dosimetric applications and scaffolds for 3D cell culture for radiobiology studies. The group also carries out service activities for companies for the chemical, mechanical and biological characterization of organic-based materials.
TENSIVE is a biomedical startup that develops innovative technologies with the aim of offering a natural reconstruction or augmentation of the breast. Tensive’s prostheses, based on a synthetic biodegradable biomaterial, aspire to offer a natural reconstruction of the breast after lumpectomy in a single surgical operation. Tensive’s prostheses are in clinical trial phase and are not yet available on the market.
UNITECH OMICs is a core facility of the University of Milan (UNIMI) that supports and participates in studies of proteomics, lipidomics and metabolomics using mass spectrometry, in order to identify and quantify molecules of biological nature in different matrices. OMICs also provides consultancy for experimental design, sample preparation procedures and data analysis, in collaboration with UNITECH INDACO.
NAICONS is a biotech company that has been involved in research and development of new bioactive molecules for various applications in human and veterinary medicine and agriculture, isolated from microorganisms. It owns a large and diversified collection of producer microorganisms, which represent a source of vast chemical diversity. In recent years, Naicons has been developing the innovative project micro4all, a catalog of molecules produced by the microorganisms of its proprietary collection.
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Registration instructions: Early registration is mandatory. Please use the dedicated Eventbrite registration form [ ]. On Sept. the 29th, entrance to the auditorium is allowed starting at 2:30 PM. The event will begin at 3:00 PM sharp. Target audience: professionals, companies, startups, research and academic institutions, experts, journalists. For any further info, please drop us an e-mail by writing to [ ]. For general info on the national Italian Biotech Week, please visit the Federchimica’s web page [ ].