European #Biotechweek 2018: 7 days showcasing creativity, passion and expertise in transformative technology

European Biotech Week 2018 begins on Monday the 24th September, with more than 120 events taking place across 18 European countries. The events, hosted at national and local level by a variety of organisations, companies and other biotech enthusiasts, aim to raise awareness, to fuel curiosity and to engage communities in exploring the benefits of biotechnology and discussing its potential for the future.

Commenting on this, EuropaBio Secretary General, Joanna Dupont-Inglis noted: “Biotech already enables us to use precious resources more efficiently, improves nutrition, helps develop new crops to feed a growing population and develops treatments that respond to unmet medical needs. This week enables us to highlight the best and brightest examples of this, live and direct across Europe”

Initiatives throughout the week are as diverse as the organisers themselves. They include conferences, workshops, hands on laboratories, exhibitions and open-door days with companies, laboratories, research institutes and museums. In Brussels, events will include a week-long exhibition, highlighting the role of biotech in delivering on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which takes on Place Luxembourg, in the heart of Europe’s capital. This will be followed by a film screening of the documentary Well Fed at the world famous BOZAR Centre For Fine Arts.

EuropaBio Chair, Tjerk de Ruiter concluded: “Biotechnology already improves lives in so many ways – but people are often unaware of it. It’s one of the most exciting and innovative technologies that we have and we’re part of a community that’s passionate about it. When you’re passionate about something, you want to share it and that’s what biotech week is really all about.”