European Biotech Week 2021: Telling the stories of European Biotechnology

Brussels, 18 October 2021 – Another successful #EuropeanBiotechWeek took place across 15 European Countries and closed counting more than 100 events.

Biotech and life sciences associations (at national and local level), plus also schools, universities, research centres, government institutions, companies, science museums and the media (for a total of over 120 organizations) partnered for the best ever edition of the #EuropeanBiotechWeek.

The events attracted a broad range of participants, from researchers and students (across all age groups), to investors, companies and policy makers. Initiatives throughout the week were as diverse as the organisers themselves, and included: conferences, workshops, hands on laboratories, exhibitions and open-door days with companies, research institutes and museums, online, on-site and in hybrid formats.

As always, the aim of the #EuropeanBiotechWeek was to encourage the general public to explore the fascinating, vibrant world of biotechnology, which is a key part of our everyday lives. But during #BiotechWeek2021, participants also had the chance to learn about careers in biotech, the role of women in STEM and how biotech can help us preserve our cultural heritage.

In Brussels, EuropaBio hosted multiple virtual events around the benefits of biotech for people and planet. The kick-off webinar brought together the community that develops products from science to consumers, highlighting the importance of updating our regulatory systems to develop safe societies and a competitive Europe. The second event included a fruitful discussion on how investing in R&D for innovative medicines and treatments is essential to support a competitive European biotechnology industry. While the last webinar highlighted how SMEs across Europe are rising to the challenge to innovate for our sustainable futures.

EuropaBio Director-General, Claire Skentelbery commented: “Biotechnology continues as a frontier technology that serves European citizens daily for a healthy life in a sustainable world. It is essential part of achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals’ and the EU Green Deal’s targets, as well as preventing and treating illness as we have seen all too clearly with Covid. European Biotech Week enabled us to show and explain this great potential with society and the local communities. It was amazing seeing such a big turnout and enthusiasm about the initiatives throughout the week, and we could not be any prouder of the biotech community all over Europe”.

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