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Brussels, 30 September 2019: European Biotech Week has, once again, succeeded in creating more excitement and enthusiasm for biotechnology, this time, through more than 140 events taking place across 18 countries. For the first time, Malta and Latvia have joined the initiative to celebrate the benefits of biotech with local communities.

From researchers and professionals to curious students, across all age groups – events throughout the week were diverse, innovative and, first and foremost, educational. They’ve included conferences, workshops, hands on laboratories, exhibitions and open-door days with companies, research institutes and museums – EuropaBio thanks all organisers for their impressive efforts in creating a European-wide buzz for biotech!

In Brussels, EuropaBio hosted multiple events around the benefits of biotech for people and planet. The kick-off day saw many students, researchers and representatives of industry and the European institutions coming together for discussions and presentations, beginning on Monday with a ‘biotech inspired’ lunch and ending the same day with a lively biotechnology pub quiz! Other events included a fruitful discussion around the financing ecosystem for healthcare biotech in Europe, and the need to remain competitive with the rest of the world. This year’s main event – a lunch, co-hosted by MEP Henna Virkkunen and MEP Anthea McIntyre, took place in the European Parliament and showcased perspectives from industry, end-users, patients and researchers on the new frontier in biotech innovation: Genome Editing.

EuropaBio Secretary General, Joanna Dupont-Inglis highlights: ‘Thanks to the discovery of new gene editing technologies, we now have the ability to edit genes with greater precision, accuracy and speed than ever before. As a result, Biotech now has the potential to contribute so much more, transforming patients’ lives by treating unmet medical needs, mitigating the impacts of climate change and saving scarce resources for a growing global population. But the technology has developed much faster than the debate both publicly and politically. The many events around this topic during the European Biotech Week helped to include a wider spectrum of stakeholders, policy makers and civil society in these important discussions.’

This year, for the first time, European Biotech Week included a #BiotechFan film competition. The winners, Anna, Giulio and Francesco from the University of Padua and Enzo from the Technical University Munich, took part in three days of back-to-back biotech events in Brussels presenting their ideas, inspiration and aspirations to decision-makers, researchers and industry representatives.

Anna, Giulio and Francesco (above) and Enzo (below) at the presentation of this years #BiotechFan winners


EuropaBio Chairman and former CEO of Corbion, Tjerk de Ruiter, concluded: ‘European Biotech Week provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come and how far we need to go. Future generations will be at the forefront of developing new innovative biotech solutions to benefit both people and planet which is why we were so thrilled to have such great engagement from young people at this year’s European Biotech Week”.  


Thank you all and stay tuned for #biotechweek 2020!

The EuropaBio team at this years main event in the European Parliament


20 September 2019, Brussels – The 7th edition of the European Biotech Week, starting on Monday the 23rd September, is set to break new records with over 140 events taking place across Europe. For the first time, the European Biotech Week will be present in countries like Latvia, and even Malta with events on marine biotechnology, among others. EuropaBio’s National Association Members, together with local communities, companies, academia and government institutions are hosting events in 18 countries in total to celebrate the numerous benefits of biotech to date and to explore its future potential for delivering solutions for both people and planet. Initiatives vary from scientific conferences to recreational activities and exhibitions. In addition, a number of hands-on laboratories and open-door days have been organised to satisfy the curiosity of younger participants.

This year EuropaBio has also launched a new #BiotechFan film creation competition, to enable students to share their passion for biotech. In Brussels, a kick-off lunch will be hosted on Monday in addition to several events throughout the week on topics ranging from investment in healthcare biotech to genome editing, the new frontier of biotech innovation, to name but a few.

Commenting on the European Biotech Week EuropaBio Secretary General, Joanna Dupont-Inglis highlighted:

“We have so much progress to celebrate when it comes to biotech. Once a year, the European Biotech Week provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come and to discuss how biotech can help us ensure longer, healthier and more sustainable lives for future generations.’’

Our #BiotechFan contest is officially closed and the winners have been selected: Anna, Francesco and Giulio from the University of Padua as well as Enzo Joaquin from the University of Munich, will join us at our main events in Brussels during this years edition of the European Biotech Week, where they’ll have the opportunity to exchange views on the benefits of biotechnology with students, industry professionals, scientists and decision makers.

We want to thank all participants who took the time to show us their passion for biotech with a short video – stay tuned for next year’s edition of #BiotechFan!

Between 23 – 29 September, you can engage with us on Social Media using #biotechweek!


Between 23 – 29th of September, Europe will host the seventh edition of the European Biotech Week, with more than 130 events taking place in over 17 countries.

This annual celebration of biotech stems from the passion of those involved in the field to discuss and share knowledge about the incredible potential offered by the application of biotechnology. The initiative is also part of the Global Biotech Week, a success story celebrated across continents and around the world.

European Biotech Week 2018 was a resounding success and this year’s celebrations are looking even more exciting with two more countries, Malta and Latvia, participating for the first time!

In order to raise awareness on the benefits of biotechnology and to foster a dialogue on such issues, EuropaBio has planned different events for a broad public, ranging from students and biotech enthusiasts to members of the European Institutions.

“Biotech is about learning from nature and living systems, and finding ways to develop new products and processes that provide more benefits for both people and planet ” commented Joanna Dupont-Inglis, Secretary General of EuropaBio.

We invite you to see what is going on near you on and we thank all of our great event organisers who have contributed to this year’s amazing programme.

You still haven’t registered your event? It’s not too late to get involved! You can submit your event using the online form.

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